5K Training Plan Week 1: 08MAR2015 – 14MAR2015


Training went well this week.

Sunday I completed my long run on the treadmill.  It was extremely icy outside and there was no way I would be able to run on the sidewalks.  Saturday had been a warm day so a lot of our snow melted.  However, that night the temperature dropped below freezing and all the water froze.  I actually took a spill on the ice on my way to the gym.  It wasn’t anything bad but I was a bit embarrassed to eat it like that.  Luckily it was so early that no one was around.  I was feeling pretty good so my pace was a bit faster.  The extra distance over the 10K mark was due to me wanting to to finish on a nice round number.  Treadmills make me OCD like that.

Monday called for a rest day on the training plan.  I was feeling pretty good so I went for 2 miles instead of 1.  I took it a lot slower than I normally do because it was supposed to be a rest day.  I also was a bit sore that day from the fall I took.  Turns out a tweaked out my back and neck when I tried to catch myself.  Thankfully it wasn’t so bad that I couldn’t run.  Tuesday called for a 3 mier at a comfortable pace.  Lately that pace has been about an 8 minute mile so I stuck to that for this run.  From the times you can tell it was on the treadmill.  Roads still weren’t that great.

Wednesday called for 5 x 400 meter speed intervals.  Due to time constraints I did only a half mile warm up before the speed work.  Paces were at 7.8, 8.0, 8.2, 8.4, and 8.6 with 400 meter recoveries in between each set.  My average pace was a bit slower due to the shorter speed intervals. However with shorter recovery periods I definitely felt challenged by the work out.  I finished with a short 5 minute cool down and called it a day.

Thursday I actually took my run outdoors!  It was a gorgeous day so I headed out with my daughter in the jogger.  The plan was for 3 miles at comfort pace so I just went out and ran by feel.  I was finally able to get down below 9 minutes per mile with the jogger!  I was ecstatic since I’ve never run that quickly with it before.  I was even able to hit an 8:30 pace for about half a mile during the run.  I did a short cool down afterwards with my daughter because she wanted to “run like mommy” too.  I was a great run =).

Friday was another rest day so I did an easy 1 mile since I hadn’t taken that break yet. On Saturday I closed out the week with another 3-miler at a comfortable pace.  I kicked it up a notch on the last mile because I was feeling good.

All in all it was a good week.  I felt a bit held back since it was the first week of the training plan.  However, it was nice to take it easy for a bit.  I’m feeling a bit skeptical about this plan since it requires a shorter speed interval time than I was doing but I’m going to trust it since this was only the first week.  The tempo for this week should be interesting considering I tend to negative split during training runs rather than maintain a pace.  I might need to take that run on the treadmill this time around to “learn” how to tempo.


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