5K Training Plan Week 2: 15MAR2015 – 21MAR2015


Late post this week.  My husband had drill this past weekend which means it pretty much was a 7 day work week for him.  Those weekends are hard because I don’t get the small weekend break I normally rely on to recharge for the week.  It was busy, busy, busy!  I will never doubt that stay-at-home moms don’t do enough.  This life is a lot harder than I expected =).

Well, back to the running stuff.  This week went pretty well.

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5K Training Plan

On April 18th I have my first race of the year: a 5K.  I feel as though I was able to maintain my fitness since my last race in December.  However, given that the race will be 4 months after my last 5K, I want to make some improvements in my pacing and overall finish time.  In other words, I want another PR.  I skimmed through a couple of plans the other day.  I found a few that fit the 1 month bill for intermediate training but a lot of them called for hill repeats.  As much as I’d love the challenge, there aren’t any major hills near where I live and doing hill repeats on the treadmill just isn’t the same.  Finally, I settled on Hal Higdon’s intermediate training plan.

Obviously this is an 8 week training plan.  However, given that I have a few 5Ks coming up shortly after the one in April, I figured this plan would eventually work out.  I was pleased to see that for the most part I’ve been training at the level that the first 4 weeks has planned out.  I have no doubts about completing this plan.  I’m actually really excited to follow some sort of plan now.  It’s tough motivating myself to get out there when I’m not exactly following a schedule.  Now that I’m committed to something, I’ll be pretty determined to see it through. 

My plan for rest days is to complete easy 1-2 milers and work on weight lifting.  This way I can still maintain the streak without actually burning myself out.

My goal is to beat my 22:10 finish time.  I have never run a sub-22 minute 5K.  It’s intimidating but I want this pretty bad.  Here’s hoping the plan works for me!