Training Week: 15FEB2015 – 21FEB2015


This week did not go well. I was really sick to my stomach so running didn’t go according to plan. I dislike the low mileage but I know that it’s bound to happen anyway. Sometimes the body needs a break to heal itself.

Sunday I went out for a glorious 10K. The twist to this run is that it was freezing cold. I waited until about 3 PM when the day was supposed to be at its warmest: 18 degrees. Unfortunately, it was also very windy. My weather apps were reporting sub-zero windchills. I wasn’t looking forward to running in that but I was dying to run outside. I wore base layers under my usual running clothes and then went off. It was bitterly cold but I absolutely enjoyed the run. The cold air felt invigorating.

Monday I did an easy 3 at 8:00 and did some core strengthening. Tuesday I wanted to do 4 but my body just wasn’t feeling right. I ended up doing 1 and finishing up on the elliptical for 20 minutes. I knew I wasn’t feeling well when even that short bit on the elliptical felt horrible. Wednesday I was actually able to run outside. It was a bit tricky as we got a good beating of snow the days prior (about 6 inches). I had to do a lot of running on the roads due to the sidewalks not being maintained in the community across from us. I got a bit frustrated when a guy decided to roll through the red light as I was crossing the road. He freaked out when he realized how close he came to me but that didn’t save him from some choice words I had for him.

The next 2 days I felt my worst. I barely managed 1 mile each day. I was so ill I came close to calling the streak quits both days because I didn’t think I’d make it through a run. I did manage to do them at a good pace but I definitely didn’t feel awesome afterwards. I finished up the week with a 5K on the treadmill and hitting 4 miles after I completed my cool down.  My husband had reserve duty this weekend so running during the day wasn’t happening this weekend, sadly. It’s the one thing I look forward to on the weekends so it was a real bummer.

I’m really glad this week is over. It was an exhausting one for me due to errands and illness. I’m looking forward to this week and hopeful that it’ll be a bit better than this past week. I’m still quite exhausted and feeling a bit off but I’m hoping it’ll pass soon. I’d like to be back to getting some speed work in during the week.


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