Training Week: 01FEB2015 – 07FEB2015


Another good running week in the books. I’m debating changing the title to something like “Weekly Running Summary” or something since I’m not actively training for anything. The again, I am somewhat training for pace improvement. Eh…I think I’ll sleep on it for a bit.

Sunday I did my long run once again. I didn’t do any speed work the week before so running 6 wasn’t too bad. I had to do it on the treadmill, unfortunately. My husband had to work this weekend. The only time I had to run it was around 8 PM so it was just safer to do it on the machine. The one thing I did like was that it made it easier to maintain pace. After all, you just set it on the machine and go. No need to constantly check the Garmin.

Monday I went easy because it was super windy outside and freezing. I wanted to run outside because I wasn’t feeling the treadmill that day. Short and sweet seemed to work best. Tuesday was a 5K day and Wednesday was a short run and gym day. Thursday I really wasn’t feeling the run so I went for only 2.

Friday I had to get my run in bright and early since we were leaving for vacation that day. It was an icy 10 degrees that morning so I chickened out and went to the treadmill to get my 5K done. I tried out the 5K button on the machine and it sort of kicked my butt. The second mile was entirely on an incline. I was definitely huffing and puffing during that mile. However, it felt good to finish it without dropping incline or speed.

Saturday was sort of up in the air when it came to where I’d do my run. We were staying at the Animal Kingdom Lodge for the first time so I wasn’t familiar with running paths there as I am with ones at Saratoga Springs. Turns out they don’t have one marked so I had to go to the gym to run. It wasn’t a terrible run and they had some nice machines. However, there was one older woman there who was talking to herself the entire time she was on the treadmill. It wasn’t like she was on the phone, either. I was a little awkward but more power to her. Whatever gets you through your run, right?

Overall I’m happy with this week. I skipped out on speed work because I wasn’t feeling it once again. I might do it for my Sunday run instead of the 6-miler since I’m running on the machine again. This week should be interesting since I’ll have to get my run in early in the morning. I’d do some in the evenings but I know that after a day at the park with a toddler I’ll be too tired to do so. Might as well get it out of the way early. Too bad I’m not much of a morning runner…


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