Training Week: 25JAN2015 a 31JAN2015


Late post for training week. It’s been a busy few days and this weekend was crazy. My husband had to go in to work so I didn’t have any time to sit down and prepare this post. Now that I finally found some time I thought I should go ahead and knock this out.

Sunday’s run was a longer, easy run. Since I had a lighter week the week before I felt well enough to run 6. I managed to keep the pace at 8:30 so I was very happy with that. Monday it was run and weights day so I knocked out a shorter distance and worked on some arms and abs. Tuesday was fairly cold (I should be used to this by now…) so I was more than motivated to get the run over with. Got a nice tempo going and I was even able to hit 7:08 for one mile.

Wednesday I felt ill. I was planing to hit the gym, but I decided to just complete the run and call it a day. I was pleased that I was able to maintain my treadmill speed for this run. That day would have been running and weights day so I typically do 2 miles at 8:00 on a treadmill. It was nice to see that I have somewhat trained myself to know what 8:00 miles feels like.

Thursday we got some sleet. I wasn’t feeling the treadmill that day and unfortunately I wasn’t able to go out until after dark due to my doctor’s appointment. I braved the slippery roads and sidewalks to get in a cautiously slow mile. Friday I was just ready to run a bit further. I decided to treadmill it that day because there isn’t a well lit route to run 5 in the dark. Saturday was a shorter run day as I was planning to run 6 the following day. Nothing remarkable about that run other than it was a sub-8 min pace.

I’m happy to see that for the most part I’m maintaining about an 8-minute mile pace. I’m getting just below that by seconds on some runs and I get the occasional 7:30. It’s refreshing to see those numbers again since I didn’t think I’d get there again. I’m trying to get to the 7 minute mark sooner rather than later since I don’t think I’ll be able to push as hard later on (long story). I’m also happy to point out that this week completed 1 month of streaking!  It’s always nice to finish the first month. There’s no looking back now!

I’m excited for this upcoming week. We fly out to Orlando on Friday to spend a week at WDW. I’m looking forward to spending some time running in warmer climates. I’m a little too excited about being able to run in shorts and t-shirts again. Of course, I’m also excited to spend some time at the parks with our daughter. She’s at the perfect age for those kinds of trip (both for enjoying herself at the park and for not costing us a dime in tickets and food!  Ah, 2-year-olds!).


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