Strut Your Stuff!

In the last 3.5 years I’ve accumulated quite a few bibs and medals.  Even after my first race, I couldn’t bring myself to toss my bib.  I had this strange attachment to it.  I didn’t realize that most people keep their bibs and display them or turn them into something (like coasters!).  Now that many races have come and gone, the pile of bibs has grown a ton.  They all sit either filed away in a folder or on our dresser.  I’d seen medal holders that held bibs but being that I already had a nice holder, I didn’t find it necessary to spend all that money.  Then came the Strut Your Stuff giveaway in a blog I read.  I entered thinking there was no way I’d win and, voila, I did!

Shelly at Strut Your Stuff got in contact with me quickly and I received notice that it was shipped.  Unfortunately, when I received it I realized it wasn’t the one I thought I’d be getting.  I contacted Shelly again and she confirmed that the wrong one was shipped.  She quickly got the correct holder shipped and included the return label for the wrong holder.  I received the holder in good order yesterday and shipped back the wrong one today.

I haven’t decided where it’ll go.  Although I will be putting me bibs on it, I’m still deciding which medals will go on there.  Since it’s Disney themed I think I’ll put all of our runDisney ones.  However, since my daughter is the biggest Cinderella fan right now, I think I’ll be using it for her medals instead.  She has a few since she has done her own races as well.  It’ll be a nice way to display her achievements and she’ll have something “like Mommy” which seems to be a big deal to her lately.


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