Training Week: 18JAN2015 – 24JAN2015

Running went well this week.

I actually completed a 6-miler on Sunday.  I had originally intended to make Sundays my 6-miler days during the off time I have from training.  It’s my “long” run for the week.  I hadn’t been doing them in the last few weeks because I just felt so beat after speed work.  I didn’t do any the week before so when Sunday rolled around, I was feeling up to running 6 miles.  The run itself went well.  I did a loop on our main road that I hadn’t done since marathon training.  It felt good to run that route again.  I was trying to maintain an 8:30 pace and was pleased with how close I came.  It’s a lot harder to run “slower” than I thought.  I found myself pushing towards 8:15 a lot and having to back off.  It did feel great to pace slower, though, because it made the run pretty relaxing.

Monday was an easier run in the sense that I ran short so I could focus on weight training.  Tuesday I went outdoors to run and did a new loop to get 4 miles in.  Thursday was back in the gym for a short run and more weights.  Friday was a crap shoot.  An emergency came up in my husband’s factory so the 5K I was planning to do was scrapped.  He didn’t get home just after 10:30 PM and it was sleeting pretty heavily.  Our gym closes at 11 so I knew I was cutting it close when he got home.  Instead of doing the gym I decided braved the elements at did the laps around our neighborhood.  I kept it short since it was dark.  It wasn’t terrible running in the sleet but I didn’t really enjoy the pinpricks of ice hitting my face.  On the bright side, an Athleta jacket I dropped some serious cash on worked wonderfully in the weather!  I love it because it has this material inside that’s similar to that of race heat blankets.  I’d go on about it but that’s probably best saved for another post =).

Saturday I closed off the week with some speed work on the treadmill.  I wasn’t feeling too well so I kept this one short.  I ended up doing 5 minutes of warm up, 10 minutes at 7.5 speed, 10 minutes at 8.0 speed, and 5 minutes of cool down.  It wasn’t nearly as fast as my other ones but I feel like it was a good effort given how crappy I felt.

In all, running and maintaining the streak is going quite well.  24 days strong now!


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