Training Week: 11JAN2015 – 17JAN2015

Running went so-so this week.  I felt grand on Sunday but the energy dropped suddenly the next 4 days.  Call it the case of having the blues or just having off days.  My depression hasn’t been the best the past few weeks but this week I felt as though it dropped a level.  Everything kind of reared it’s ugly head and it made it hard to find the motivation to do anything.  Still, I pressed on with the 1 mile minimum to maintain the streak.  The only thing that kept me going for that streak was the fact that I was 12/13/14/etc days deep into it.  If I got this far I had to keep it going.  After all, it only takes a max of 10 minutes of my life to complete…small potatoes compared to longer runs.

I didn’t focus on speed work this week since my heart wasn’t into it.  I did my first real run on Friday and felt fantastic.  I was quite shocked to see myself clock my first mile at 7:40.  I wasn’t trying to run fast.  I was running by feel.  I was just surprised by how comfortable I felt at this faster-than-normal pace.  I guess those treadmill speed works have been working.

Saturday I went out for a mid-afternoon run, the first in about 2 weeks.  It was nice to actually run when the sun was out and enjoy the scenery.  I once again surprised myself with a sub-8 minute average pace.  Maybe I’m seeing more improvement?  I won’t bank on that until it’s been consistent for a few weeks.  I dedicated this run to MEGSMILES to keep the awareness alive.  I ran for Meg last year as well after reading her story during a break on watch at work.  I was so touched by her story because I was an avid road runner on a busy back road near our home in VA.

I found myself running in capris, short sleeve shirt, and light tech ¾ pull-over on Saturday.  The temperature?  34 degrees.  I was far too hot in my running gear on Friday (tights, long sleeve tech shirt, ¾ pull-over) and it was 30 degrees.  Sadly, I found Saturday’s outfit perfect.  I wasn’t hot or cold at all.  The only thing was I realized I need to invest in cold weather socks.  My toes were kind of numb.

Overall, this was an extremely light week mileage-wise but that’s okay with me.  We all have off-weeks, right?  I’m only human =).  Besides, the point is that I at least got out there and did something.  That’s huge.  It’s all about the effort I put in!


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