Training Week: 04JAN2015 – 10JAN2015

After a long hiatus, training run summaries are back!  I’m sure I’m the only one who really cares about tracking this but hey, I never know who might like reading these entries =)

Since it’s my time off of training schedules, I’ve been taking it pretty easy.  I’ve made an attempt to at least have some speed work during the week and a longer, slow run if I can squeeze it in.  I’ve also added 3 days/week of strength training as well to help balance out my exercise a bit.  My only focus since July has been running so some areas of my body, such as a core, have suffered immensely.  I need to get to a good balance again.

Sunday I ran an easy 2 miles on the treadmill and did some leg strength training.  Squats have been kicking my butt lately so I’ve been trying to consistently work on them every week.  It never fails.  The 2 days following a squat workout I hurt immensely and can barely stand running.  I think it’s crazy how defined your leg muscles can become with running yet not all your leg muscles are challenged with a run.  My inner thighs are definitely not challenged with running.  Squats make that tremendously clear.

Monday I was feeling the itch to go on an outdoor run.  I wasn’t expecting a fast run but was happy to see I stayed below an 8:30 min/mi pace.  Tuesday it began to snow quite a bit.  We got a decent amount of cover where we live.  I was excited to try out my snow tracks but didn’t end up running outside that day.  My legs felt even more sore than they were the day before so I went to the gym with the intention to complete 2 miles on the treadmill then complete some strength training.  I barely made it to 1 mile and had to stop.  My legs were extremely fatigued.  I finished mile 2 on an elliptical instead then worked my arms out afterwards.

Wednesday I decided to do that outdoor run I wanted to do the day before.  The thought of running on the treadmill made me groan so I decided to brave the cold.  The temperature during the day wasn’t bad but by the time I was able to get out the door, the sun had set.  It was also quite windy out.  Air temperature was 16 but I didn’t look to see what the windchill was.  It was extremely frosty, though.  I ended up donning my face mask because the air was so frigid.  I was quite cautious my first mile since I’ve never run with tracks.  I was pleasantly surprised to see how much traction I got with them.  I picked up speed afterwards and got a good 5K in.

Thursday I braved the cold once more because I wasn’t feeling the treadmill again.  Face mask was needed again because it was even colder that night.  Afterwards I headed to the gym to warm up a bit and complete some core strength training.  Friday I was feeling really energized so I decided to complete some speed work.  I worked it in on the treadmill: 5 minute warm-up, 35 minutes of speed intervals (4 min at top speed, 1 min easy), 5 minute cool down.  I was able to average a 7:30 min/mi pace and hit a max 8.8 mph pace on the machine.

Saturday I decided to take it easy on my run.  I don’t really like to push it the day after a taxing work out unless it’s part of a training plan.  I went for an easy 2 miles and was glad to see that a lot of the snow has melted in my neighborhood.  It was still fairly chilly (16 degrees) but I decided to leave the face mask at home.  It was tolerable to run without the mask but it turned out it was still too chilly to run without it.  My face stung quite a bit and it hurt.  The mask would have made it a lot more comfortable.  Oh, well.  Cold weather running is still a learning experience for me.  It got cold in Chesapeake, VA but not nearly as cold as it does here.  I also did a lot of those runs during the day as opposed to at night like I do now.  I’m still trying to find out my right balance of cold gear for certain temperatures.  Thankfully, I’m more of a “less is more” runner so being under-dressed isn’t horrifying for me.

So far, so good when it comes to the running streak.  I did have a moment of not wanting to continue because I was tired but pushed myself to do it anyway.  I find that the motivation tends to grow the longer I go.  Since then I haven’t had doubts, but then again I have been running for 12 days straight now.  I can’t stop now!


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