Strut Your Stuff!

In the last 3.5 years I’ve accumulated quite a few bibs and medals.  Even after my first race, I couldn’t bring myself to toss my bib.  I had this strange attachment to it.  I didn’t realize that most people keep their bibs and display them or turn them into something (like coasters!).  Now that many races have come and gone, the pile of bibs has grown a ton.  They all sit either filed away in a folder or on our dresser.  I’d seen medal holders that held bibs but being that I already had a nice holder, I didn’t find it necessary to spend all that money.  Then came the Strut Your Stuff giveaway in a blog I read.  I entered thinking there was no way I’d win and, voila, I did!

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Everyone’s a Winner


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A finisher’s medal.  It’s the one tangible item from an event that states that someone has successfully completed the obstacle set before him/her.  It’s an item that some treasure dearly, proudly displaying it in his/her home.  Some just place them in a box or hand them off to their children, proud of the accomplishment but not necessarily desiring the need to save them since having one doesn’t validate or take away the fact that he/she completed the race.  However, one thing is certain.  When a medal is awarded, it is because the participant earned it by completing the challenge.

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Training Week: 11JAN2015 – 17JAN2015

Running went so-so this week.  I felt grand on Sunday but the energy dropped suddenly the next 4 days.  Call it the case of having the blues or just having off days.  My depression hasn’t been the best the past few weeks but this week I felt as though it dropped a level.  Everything kind of reared it’s ugly head and it made it hard to find the motivation to do anything.  Still, I pressed on with the 1 mile minimum to maintain the streak.  The only thing that kept me going for that streak was the fact that I was 12/13/14/etc days deep into it.  If I got this far I had to keep it going.  After all, it only takes a max of 10 minutes of my life to complete…small potatoes compared to longer runs.

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Oatmeal Banana Pancakes

I don’t write food entries anymore because it can be tedious to complete.  However, it is kind of nice to have a record of what I like somewhere rather than just bookmarking it on my browser.  Last week I really wanted pancakes but the thought of regular flour ones scare me still.  I decided to attempt the banana based pancakes again.  I say again because in the past I’ve ended up with an eggy banana disaster.  It actually turned out amazing!

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