2014 Fort Meade Run Series Reindeer 5k

My last race for 2014 brought me to an army post here in the Baltimore area: Fort Meade.  I decided on a nice, short 5K because with a marathon and half marathon preceding the month of December, I wanted to take it easy distance-wise.  I didn’t have much of a goal for this race other than to go all out and try to PR my 5K race time

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2014 runDisney Inaugural Avengers Super Hero Half Marathon – November 16, 2014

Extremely late race recap. Between the holidays and some mental health struggles it took me forever to compile this.

For November’s race I signed up for runDisney’s Avengers Super Hero Half Marathon.  This was a new race in the runDisney series and it sold out within 1:48 after registration opened.  runDisney races have become extremely popular in the last 3 years so it’s no surprise that a new race would sell out quickly.  This race took place at Disneyland in Anaheim, CA.  I took the opportunity to make this race a time to take a small vacation to  California, my home state.

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Early Christmas Gift


I had mentioned to my mother that I was saving up to run the King Crab Challenge in 2015. It’s the only scheduled race I have for next year since I need to back down on the number of events I register for. Living on one income means making some sacrifices and after the nice, active year I’ve had, I don’t mind. My husband and I agreed on one major event a year and I chose this one. My mother surprised me by paying for my registration as my Christmas gift. I’m truly fortunate to have such supportive family members.

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