Running Week: 11/3/2014 to 11/16/2014 and a Small Vacation Recap

I’m back from vacation so 2 weeks’ worth of recap today!

Monday I did an easy run right before my flight.  It was a bitterly cold 37 that morning and there was a nice wind going.  It wasn’t super pleasant but I was comfortable.  My husband bought me a nice UA Storm beanie and it worked wonderfully.  It was nice to have a beanie that actually covered my ears =)

Tuesday and Wednesday were both very warm and very windy runs.  I haven’t really run in my hometown because I never was a runner when I was younger.  I discovered that the city built up the area where the old railroad tracks were into a nice bike and jogging path.  It looks like it spans over 5 miles from end to end.  It was nicely lit, paved, and had lights at every street to allow for safe crossing.  It was a very pleasant surprise and made all my runs in CA that much nicer.  As I mentioned earlier, these two runs were in extremely windy conditions.  If you’re familiar with southern California weather you’d know what I mean when I say the Santa Anas were blowing.  The winds were on average 35-40 MPH with some nice 45 MPH gusts thrown in there.  It sucked badly to run into them but the boost I got from running with them was nice.

Thursday and Friday the winds had finally died down.  However, it was still rather warm.  This week the average temperature in the morning was about 75.  Temperatures peaked in the nineties during the day.  It was a little odd to have such warm weather to run in during the fall season but I didn’t hate it.  I got good use out of my summer running clothes, lol.  Friday I did a small speed interval for a mile on my old junior high’s track.  I hadn’t done a speed workout in a week so I wanted to get something in.  I knew I wouldn’t be doing any the week leading up to the race.

Saturday was rest day (and a day spent visiting Thomas the Tank Engine at a railway museum with my daughter).  Sunday I went out for my last “long run” before the race.  It wasn’t horrible but I wasn’t feeling it.  Did run into a sketchier part of the city so I’m glad I decided not to run longer distances while I was there, lol.

For this week I knew I didn’t want to go over a 5K distance for my runs leading up to the race.  This week I felt pretty blah about running but I think that had a lot to do with me getting tired of waking up at 5:45 to run.  I’m definitely not a morning runner…well, at least not one that can do it every morning.  Once a week for my longer runs is doable but I really have no energy to do it every morning.  Nonetheless, I did keep my routine of running each day even if the pace wasn’t where I wanted to be.

Friday I went to the expo for packet pick up and my husband flew in!  I headed over to Anaheim that night with him and our daughter.  Saturday was the scheduled rest day and we spent the morning having a character breakfast at the Disney Hotel and shopping at the American Girl Place in Los Angeles with my family.  The evening was spent at my husband’s hometown visiting with his family and friends and then it was back to Anaheim (yes, there was a lot of driving involved, lol).

Sunday was an early morning (typical runDisney race morning).  I got dressed in my Captain America get-up and we headed to the start.  I left for my corral at 30 minutes before the start.  The run went well but the Santa Anas kicked up 30 minutes after the start.  That made for an interesting race.  I was aiming for a sub-2 hour and had this tiny goal of a sub-1:50.  I ended up finishing with a 1:48:17.  I was very pleased and even gave a cheesy Captain America pose at the finish.  I’ll be putting up a recap sometime this week where I’ll go into the nitty-gritty of the race.  It was fun but this is definitely the last runDisney race for a while (2018).  I’ll elaborate more on that decision in the recap.

All in all it was a good 2 weeks of running.  Mileage was low but given that I wasn’t too comfortable running in my hometown (lots of traffic) I think it went well.  Now I just need to get acclimated to the cold weather again.  It’s been 30 degrees all day today =/.


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