Running Week: 10/27/2014 to 11/2/2014

Training went well this past week.

For the most part my running was pretty consistent in that my pace stayed around 8:30. Tuesday I was feeling particularly energetic and decided to get some interval training in. I was blown away at my run. I was able to break 7 minutes for the first mile, clocking my fast intervals at 6:15. I felt really good at that speed and was pretty thrilled I reached that time. Granted, I don’t know if it’s a fluke or I was having a good day that day but I’m still happy. A good day running is a good day =)

Halloween I decided to make my run a tempo run because we were taking our daughter to trick or treat at the mall. We needed to leave at a certain time so I told my husband I’d be back fast enough to shower and change. I ended up clocking sub-8 minute miles the entire run. Each mile was faster than the last so I guess it unintentionally became more of a speed increment run than a tempo run. Still, I was happy to have another good running day.

The weekend was pretty terrible. Saturday it was 37 degrees, raining, and extremely gusty outside. I ran in it but was pretty miserable and I think my time reflected that. Sunday I made my “long” (ok, not-so-long) run. I purposely ran that slowly because I had pushed my pace all week. It felt good to just take the scenery in and enjoy the early sunrise. It was bitterly cold as well that day but with the sun shining it was quite beautiful.

As I mentioned yesterday, I flew out to CA with my daughter for vacation. Well, actually, I signed up for the Avengers Half at Disneyland and decided to work a vacation around it. Flying was interesting as it was the first time I’ve flown non-stop from the East Coast to the West Coast. 5 longest hours ever. I did learn that I need to bring food with me when we fly back because although I brought enough for my daughter, I packed nothing for me. All I had beforehand was a venti latte. Yeah. It’s safe to say I was ridiculously hungry when we landed. However, SoCal is not a bad place to be hungry, lol. I definitely indulged in some In-N-Out.

I’ve run a couple times here already. I’m really enjoying the warm (80 degree) weather and the fact that I’m running in shorts and a tee again. It does feel strange to wear tank tops and shorts during the day, though. I mean, it’s fall. I guess CA didn’t get the memo. I’m definitely going to soak this all in since it’s rather crisp back home. The flat terrain around here is also a huge plus. Sometimes I really miss this place.


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