Running Week: 9/29/2014 to 10/05/2014

I still haven’t set up my Garmin Connect account.  I’ve been meaning to do it but I have a dirt-old Mac Book (the black one that was sold in 2007) and it’s been loading really slow lately.  As a result I don’t want to connect my watch to it because who knows how long it would take it to finish reading the watch.


This week went well.  I took my rest day on Thursday to let Manuel work on the deck he’s been putting up.  I also had to move up the time I do my evening runs.  Normally I would  run after Izzy goes down for the night (6:30-7 PM), but with the days getting shorter it’s getting darker as soon as 7 PM.  I’m not fond of running in the dark because street lighting isn’t great on the road I run on.  I also don’t like wearing  knuckle or head lights.  Instead, I’ve been having to running around 5 and try to get home as fast I can to get back in time to help with bedtime.  I don’t mind the earlier running but I could do without the creepy construction workers that are working in our community (we live in a fairly new community that’s still being built so construction is everywhere).  They always cat-call or stare me up and down when I run by and it makes me uncomfortable.

I did a simple run on Monday because my shin was a bit achy from the race I did the day before.  I was going for an easy pace but ended up going a lot faster than I anticipated.  I completed my modified fartlek workout on Tuesday and was happy to see my average pace had dropped below a 7:30.  I managed to push out 6:50 sprint paces during the workout and that was a nice improvement to see.

Wednesday I wasn’t feeling like running but got my butt out the door and did the mileage.  Friday I felt a bit more refreshed for running so I went out and ran the 4 miles at tempo with the first mile being a warm up mile at 9:03.  Saturday wasn’t meant to be a tempo.  I don’t like doing back-to-back “hard” runs because my shin doesn’t recover well when I do that.  However, I think the latte I had that morning must have given me a pep in my step because I felt good enough to run 5 of those miles at tempo pace.  Twice I was able to complete a mile below 8 minutes but for the most part I completed it at an 8:05-8:20 pace.

Sunday was definitely going to be a long and slow one for me.  When I got up that morning my legs felt a little fatigued.  I checked the weather (I always do before I dress for a run) and it was a shocking 39 degrees out!  I knew it was going to be chilly in the morning because it was so cool the day before but this was unexpected.  I broke out my running tights, beanie, and cold weather jacket because it looked like the temperature was going to hover around the 40s for my run.  It seems like a lot of gear for the temperature, and it was, but it had been a while since I completed a run in any temperature below 50.  I forgot how warm I would get.  I quickly realized it was a bit much, though, after 2 miles and took off the beanie and gloves.  At mile 5 I wanted to kick myself for putting on a long sleeve tech shirt under my jacket.  A short sleeve would have sufficed.  Thankfully, the last 3 miles were under the shade of trees so I didn’t get so overwhelmingly hot that I would have to take my jacket off.  Lesson learned for next time.  I also learned that I need to invest in a good headband/beanie for cold weather.  The one I wore was a race freebie from the VIFL 14K and it barely covered my ears.

All in all I think this was a successful week.  It’s nice to see that my times have improved a bit from where I was in mid-August.  I have 2 weeks until the marathon and I’m now starting to get race jitters.  I don’t want to set an unreasonable goal for my finish time but I don’t want to sell myself short either.  At least I know that I may be able to complete it at a decent time.


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