Race Recap: 2014 Run for the Cure 8/31/2014

As a goal for the new year I am running one race every month. It’s one of the ways I wanted to challenge myself and keep myself motivated to run. My 8th race for the year was the Run for the Cure benefiting the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. It was put on by a local event coordinator, Bishop’s Events. Originally I was planning to run fast and hard since I signed up for the 5K race. I wanted to place and finally get an age group medal. However, my husband’s work schedule changed and I would have to bring Izzy along with me for the race. I wish I could say I kick butt running with the BOB but I don’t. It slows me down a lot and I haven’t run with it for about a month now. I just decided to enjoy the run and not worry about time and placement.

I’m glad I didn’t care for time. My Garmin unexpectedly died and would not turn on. I couldn’t use my phone app because, well, it was keep my daughter entertained during the run. Oh, well. It was a small race so there were maybe about 75 runners. I made my way behind the pack for the start and quickly realized my mistake. When the gun when off, everyone in front of me walked. It’s a huge pet peeve of mine when walkers block the entire center of the road and that’s exactly what happened. I was finally able to pass them up on the side and quickly got into my comfortable stride.


There I am with the BOB!

The course was around Baltimore’s Patterson Park. I’d been there previously to take Izzy to the pool but I’d never thought to go there to run. The route was actually very nice, though it was quite hilly and on more than one occasion I tasted blood in my mouth (yay overexerting!). The cobblestone path we went on was a challenge and I had to tilt the BOB up on two wheels to avoid the annoying jerking it was causing. Izzy was not pleased with me for that, lol. There was also a flight of stairs on the course (crazy, I know) which I had to bypass by running on the grassy downhill next to it. I heard the volunteers at the water station exclaim with shock that I took the hill at a slow jog. It wasn’t as bad as it sounds and as quite easy to do really. Thankfully, what I think was the second half of the race was on normal paved ground. I just kept pushing until I came up to the finish. Running without the Garmin was great because I was thrown off by how fast I felt I got to the finish. It’s a lot less pressure when you don’t watch the mileage pass. I glanced at the clock as I finished and it was 27-something (Later found out it was 27:52). Not bad but obviously not my best.

Turns out I finished second in my age group and that was shocked because, let’s face it, my time was dirt slow (told you it was a small race). I actually did take the age group win because the other runner won overall. Holy cow!  The only downside to this is that they awarded my medal to the wrong girl. I didn’t know this until they posted the race results Tuesday. The coordinator was very apologetic and is sending me one. I’m not going to lie, I was a little ticked at the mistake but it was mainly because the wrong person was in the spotlight and I thought of how cool it would’ve been to be recognized as the winner at the event (especially since I did it with the BOB). Yeah, I’m a little prideful but it is the first medal win I’ve gotten. You can’t blame me for being a bit annoyed.


Yay for bib and bling shot!

All in all it was a good race. I’m surprised I won the AG with that pace and and happy with my stroller time. It shows my pace has improved since my last stroller run (the time I got, not the win, lol). Hopefully I’ll be able to improve and do a sub-25 minute 5K with the stroller. Next stop will the the Biggest Loser 10K at Six Flags on the 26th!


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