Mommy (and Daddy) and Me Outing: Gymboree Play and Learn Trial Class

In continued search for an activity that Isabella would like and more social interaction for both her and I, I signed her up for a trial class at a Gymboree gym.  A new one just opened up in Crofton, about 30 minutes from where we live.  After discussing it with Manuel, we decided to try out a Play and Learn class on the weekend so that both he and I could experience the class with Izzy.  From there we could both decided whether the membership would be worth the cost.

I was pleasantly surprised to see Theresa, the girl that taught the Musical Play Date earlier this week, was the one who would be instructing the class.  She was so great with the kids on Tuesday so I knew this would be a good class.  As soon as we stepped into the building Izzy could not contain her excitement.  She took one look at the play area and was more than ready to join in.  I decided to sit on the sidelines for this class and let Manuel experience it with her.  So far I’ve been able to enjoy helping her play and participate.  It’s only far that he got to experience the joy of parent-child classes.

Today’s theme was the carnival and they had set up play structures to mimic carnival games.  Izzy wasn’t too fond of joining in on the welcome song but was quick to join in on the carnival games.  She really enjoyed herself, as did Manuel.  She wasn’t nearly as happy about the parachute game this time around but I think that had to do with the fact that she wanted to play with the balls in the center.  She did manage to partake in bubble play, of course.  She can’t pass up anything with bubbles.  I think the activity she enjoyed the most was the swing, though.  We could not get her off of it.

All in all, it was a great experience.  Izzy had so much fun and this was definitely more of her cup of tea compared to Musical Play Date.  She didn’t want to leave when the class was over.  We decided it would be a good investment since she loved it so much.  Plus, with the membership we get all free open play time we want.  I especially loved that the class was made for only 24-36 months.  I don’t mind older children but they tend to be rougher when they play.  It’s nice to have children around the same age because they all have similar physical abilities.  I’m just sad that Izzy will only be able to attend for 9 more months until she reaches the cut-off age.  I’m sure by then she’ll be good to go to a preschool, though, or we’ll probably sign her up for some other class.  I’m just hoping that she’ll have a better attention span by then to take “real” classes.


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