Running Week: 10/20/2014 to 10/26/2014 and Running Burnout


Week 1 post marathon was just as I expected: lacking in mileage. Back when I started my goal of a running streak in 2013, I popped right back into running after every race. However, since I’m not currently chasing that crazy goal I didn’t feel the pressure to get out there and run the day after the marathon. Instead, I took the well deserved rest day on Sunday and figured I’d tackle a small, easy run on Monday.

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Mommy & Me Outing: My Gym Gymsters Trial Class

In the continued search for toddler classes, Izzy and I visited and tried out My Gym in Crofton. We signed up for their Gymsters class (23 mo – 2 1/2 yrs). I was looking forward to the class since the Gymboree trial went so well. The gym was located in a shopping/business center and was a bit confusing to find at first. However, that was just because it was located in the back portion of the structure. We made it just in time.

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My Stroller Running Saga

Today I wanted to talk a little about my stroller running experience. Should I run with a stroller?  Is the cost of a good jogging stroller really worth it?  What stroller is best?  Will I ever run as fast with the stroller?  When I found out I was pregnant with our daughter, these kinds questions popped up in my mind constantly.  I knew that having a baby didn’t mean I would have to stop running, but I wondered if I could ever run with a stroller.  Heck, running alone was hard enough!

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Biggest Loser RunWalk 10K at Six Flags America – September 28, 2014

For September’s race I wanted to do something other than the Navy-Air Force Half Marathon.  I did it last year and I liked it but I really didn’t want to deal with going into DC (even if I do live closer).  I found this 10K on Run USA and decided to go for it since it was at one of my favorite amusement parks.

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Running Week: 9/29/2014 to 10/05/2014

I still haven’t set up my Garmin Connect account.  I’ve been meaning to do it but I have a dirt-old Mac Book (the black one that was sold in 2007) and it’s been loading really slow lately.  As a result I don’t want to connect my watch to it because who knows how long it would take it to finish reading the watch.


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Race Recap: 2014 Run for the Cure 8/31/2014

As a goal for the new year I am running one race every month. It’s one of the ways I wanted to challenge myself and keep myself motivated to run. My 8th race for the year was the Run for the Cure benefiting the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. It was put on by a local event coordinator, Bishop’s Events. Originally I was planning to run fast and hard since I signed up for the 5K race. I wanted to place and finally get an age group medal. However, my husband’s work schedule changed and I would have to bring Izzy along with me for the race. I wish I could say I kick butt running with the BOB but I don’t. It slows me down a lot and I haven’t run with it for about a month now. I just decided to enjoy the run and not worry about time and placement.

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