Runner Survey

Because I am a sucker for these things:

Best Run Ever:


2013 J&A Yuengling Shamrock Marathon.  It was the first marathon (my 3rd) where I felt amazing throughout the entire run.  I PR’d and got a sub-4 hours time.  That was such a shock and the best feeling ever.


2014 Biggest Loser RunWalk 10K because it was the first time I’ve ever finished first in a race.  I was the overall first finisher and I PR’d as well.  It’s affected me in that for the first time ever I felt confident in my running ability and have learned not to sell myself short.  I am capable of more than I think.

Three Words That Describe My Running: Determined, stubborn, improving

My Go-To Running Outfit:


Any tech shirt
Dry fit bottoms
Garmin Forerunner 210
New Balance Minimus Hi-Rez
Brooks Running Hat

Quirky Habits While Running: I sing theme songs from kids cartoons in my head.  I have my toddler to thank for that (Sheriff Callie has gotten me through some tough runs!).  I also tend to look down a lot and like to only take one step between the cracks on the sidewalk (it helps open my stride).  I also only run in the middle of the road on races because that’s the spot that isn’t cambered.

Morning, Mid-day, or Evening: I used to be such a stickler about running only in the morning but now it depends on my mood.  I love to do my long runs early in morning because I get it out of the way and can enjoy my day.  Most other runs I do in the evening because it lets me spend time with my daughter during the day and get housework done.  However, I do occasionally break out the BOB for a morning run to the park with my daughter.  Like I said, it changes day to day.

I Won’t Run Outside If It’s…

I’ve ran in freezing  temps…


The rain,




So weather will never affect whether I’ll run or not.  I will not run in the dark, though.  I don’t like carrying a light or wearing reflective vest.

Worst Injury And How I Got Over It:


I developed a stress fracture in 2013.  I was 6 months into my running streak and I was devastated.  I ended up taking off a few weeks from running and focused on spinning and cycling.  I eventually got back to running and worked on building my mileage up.  I also started wearing a compression sleeve on that leg to help with the still tender break site.

Potential Running Goal For 2015: Qualify for Boston!

Next Race Is: 2014 Baltimore City Marathon.  Looking to get another sub-4 hour finish!


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