Running Week: 9/21/2014 to 9/28/2014

Getting back to blogging has been interesting.  I’m trying to get back into my posting routine so here’s the return of my weekly running recap!

Please excuse the crappy photo.  I’m trying to set up my running app and Garmin so that I’ll be able to get weekly reports.  Until then this will have to do, lol.

This week has gone well running-wise.  I managed to run 6 out of the 7 days which is great considering I’ve been feeling pretty down lately.  I didn’t think I was improving too much in my runs but then I look at my paces for this week and I’m happy.  I’m doing a lot better than I thought I was.  There is an error on yesterday’s run entry on my app as I actually finished the 10K in 47:15 thus giving me a 7:37 pace.  That blows my mind!  It’s been a long time since I’ve run that quickly in a race.  In fact, I believe the Shamrock 8K was the last time I ran so quickly.  It puts a smile on my face to see that I’m getting my mojo back.

This week is another taper week for me and I’m really glad.  I love long runs but, to be honest, I dread waking up early for them, especially now that the sun is rising later and later.  I like to get my runs done before 10 AM so a lot of my wake ups were at 5:30-6.  Now that I’ve been out of the Navy for a while, I’ve been spoiled with not having to wake up so early.  So, yes, I am lazy and really just wanted to push my runs to a decent time (7:30).  I’m glad that I’m back to those wake up times.

I can’t believe I’m about 3 weeks out from the race.  I kind of signed up on a whim so it still hasn’t hit me that I’ll be running 26.2 again.  It’ll be almost exactly a year since my last marathon.  I’m aiming for a sub-4 hour and didn’t think I’ll get it but after this weekend’s run, I think it might just be possible.  I’m running close to how quickly I was running back before 2013 Shamrock and I ended up running that race in 3:47.  How awesome would it be if I got that again?  Here’s to hoping that’s where I’ll be again!


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