Mommy & Me Outing: ABC Do-Re-Me Musical Playdate

In an effort to get out there and be more social I signed up for a ABC Do-Re-Me Musical Playdate.  I figured it would get me to socialize with other parents and Izzy would get the social interaction she craves.  I was nervous about the class but excited to try it out.

The class was at a small dance studio about 20 minutes from our home.  When I first got there I was kind of nervous because only one other parent, the coordinator, was there with her daughter.  I was worried we would be the only ones but then she informed me that they were waiting on a few more kids.  Sure enough 4 more children showed up.  We all went into the dance studio and started the class.

The class was really nice!  We started off with a welcome song and some drum playing.  Izzy was extremely skeptical and refused to go near the drum and children.  She sat in my lap during the welcome song and a few of the children songs we sang.  The teacher brought out some hand puppets for “Old McDonald” and Izzy was initially excited for it.  She quickly became shy again until it was time to put them away.  She loves clean up.  Anytime the teacher asked to help clean up Izzy was on it.  Her enthusiasm about it was hilarious.  You’d think she’d be that enthusiastic about cleaning up her toys at home but she’s not. I always end up picking them up.

Music time was when Izzy slowly started to warm up.  She eagerly picked up some maracas and started to shake them.  However, her shyness took over and she retreated back to my lap during the song.  They moved on to dancing with scarves and initially Izzy was excited but then she got shy again and ran back to me crying.  She only stopped when it was time to clean them up (my child is weird…).  I was beginning to think she wasn’t going to want to participate…

The next activity was a short story and the book for today was Izzy’s favorite: Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?  All the other children lost interest in this activity except for her.  Izzy loves story time and this just happened to be icing on the cake for her.  She smiled through the whole book.  I could tell she was starting to warm up to the idea of this class.

It was music time again and this time Izzy got really into it.  She went around trying out all the different noise makers.  She started to enjoy herself and not feel so self-conscious.

We played a parachute game and I finally saw her smile during the activity!  All the other children decided to play under the parachute but Izzy was perfectly content helping raise it up and down.  I was so glad to see her enjoying herself finally.  She wasn’t too pleased when it was time to let it go but her sadness quickly changed when the next activity was announced…Bubble play!  Izzy loves bubbles!  She was so excited she even did her happy dance (a funny little prancing walk she does).  She was so happy and actually squealed and giggled in delight.

She chased after the teacher so she could keep up with the bubble machine.  It was great to watch.  Of course, all good things come to an end and Izzy was sad to see the machine get put away.  We sang the good bye song and went out the the lobby to put our shoes back on.  Izzy was really devastated because didn’t want the class to end (I know, she spent half the class not wanting to interact and now she wanted to stay!).  However, she quickly cheered up when she saw stickers were being handed out.  This girl loves stickers!

All in all it was a good experience.  I was really worried that she wouldn’t enjoy herself at all after the first 15 minutes but was pleasantly pleased when she finally warmed up to the idea.  I know it didn’t help that it was a new environment with new people but I really don’t want her to grow up being painfully shy like I was.  I know that going to classes like this will help out a lot.  Plus, I know how much she loves playing with other children.  I’ve witnessed it in the park.  It’s just something that will take some time for her to get used to.

I haven’t decided if we’ll buy a class package yet.  This class was a free demo class for us and though I like it, it is a bit pricey at $15 a class.  Manuel and I are thinking it over and will look into other classes first before we settle on one.  Personally I’d love to find a Musical Story Time one because Izzy is a huge bookworm.  I’ll have to look into our local library to see what they offer for story time.


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