Marathon Training: 27K Training Run

Today was the last mileage increase for my training plan. I was so happy to see that day because, let’s be honest, I hate getting up early on the weekends to get a long run done in a decent time. I was a bit apprehensive about the run because my calves had been really sore and my Achilles were tight. I tried stretching and doing light runs on the two days prior to the run to help mitigate the ache but I still felt it that morning. I just braced myself for a slower pace as I went out the door.


I was pleasantly surprised by my average pace!  My first mile was slow and yucky at about 10:10 but after that I kept my pace between 9:20 and 9:50. The hills this time around destroyed me but I didn’t have to stop other than my planned refuel stops. I did come to realize that after the half marathon mark my water belt begins to chafe so I think it’s time to look into investing in a Camelbak (this happened on my last run, too).  I do dread long runs because they’re, well, long but I do like that I find out about running issues like chafing then rather than race day.

I’m really looking forward to taper now. I have a nice 10K on Sunday at Six Flags then it’s all training runs until the marathon. I decided to defer my Wicked 10K entry to next year because I really wasn’t feeling the drive to VA Beach.

Not much else to write about running wise so I guess that’s it for now.


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