Marathon Training: 24K Training Run

In the days leading up to long training runs I loathe the idea that I have to run so far. I dread the early wake up and the amount of time I’ll be out on the road. However, once I get up and out there I have a total change in attitude. Today was no different.

Pre run I had a chia bar and I made sure to pack my Sport Beans and Gu. I decided to fill my bottle completely since last time I only filled it halfway and I found I needed more water. I went out with the plan to refuel every 3 miles and to run a nice slow pace. I usually like to start with a bang and I know how much that hinders my overall performance. It was going to be a mental challenge to not run as fast as I could.

The run was nice. I did a long loop that was new to me and I really liked. The one thing I do appreciate about running without headphones is that I take in my surroundings a lot more. I found a couple of places a wanted to check out in the future (yay children’s consignment shops!) and really got to learn the roads around here. It’s funny because I never really learn roads until I run them and I’m always so shocked when I realize where they led. Maybe GPS is hindering my exploration, lol. I ran past the high school along the way and saw they were doing a 5K in a few weeks. I briefly considered it but I’m running the Six Flags Biggest. Loser 10K the day after this race so I shot it down. Of course, this was after going through the scenario in my head of how I could totally do it because it’s only a 5K. I know, I’m crazy. I also ran past a fellow runner and had the whole “why hello there fellow runner!” internal conversation in my head. Yes, this is what happens when you don’t listen to music while you run.

I was about ¾ of a mile away from home when I got a panicked phone call from my husband. He asked if I was okay and was worried because I should have been back 20 minutes ago. I kind of gave him an “um…it’s only been 2 hrs” (well, it was a little more than that) and then he realized he calculated how long I was going to be gone wrong. He had already climbed into the car to search for me when he saw me and laughed. Instead he went out to get me coffee and apologized for stopping me in the middle of my run. I love him =). I don’t blame him for worrying since I did have one previous episode where I didn’t finish a long run because I had a bad dizzy spell. My anxiety med had caused my blood pressure to drop really low that any exertion gave me tunnel vision. Of course, this happened the one day I didn’t take my cell so I had to walk the last 4 miles back to the home and hope he’d realize I was gone to long (which he did).  Since then I’ve taken my phone on all runs over 8 miles and he diligently tracks how long I’ve been gone. That’s love right there =)

I managed to finish 15.13 miles in 2:25. Not bad really. It’s not as fast as I would have liked but I maintained a constant 9:35min/mi pace which is great. I even ran the last 3 miles with negative splits!  I got a nice 8:55 in the last mile. I also felt amazing the entire run. I didn’t get winded or sore at all and I felt that my fueling stops worked out well. Even now I’m not sore at all like last week. I think all in all it was a successful run. I even got to enjoy a nice donut and latte afterwards, though Izzy insisted on helping me eat half my donut. I swear that child looks out for my diet, lol.

Sorry for the lack of photos. For some reason the computer isn’t wanting to upload my photos.


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