Marathon Training: 18K Training Run

Due to several scheduling issues and a 5K I signed up for, I didn’t get to do my usual long run this weekend. I also have been feeling like crud lately (but more about that at another time). Finally, I told myself I needed to stop slacking and get out there and do this run. I did just that yesterday.


I was supposed to just do an 18K but I overshot the distance I needed to get to before I turned around to head home. I’m always so paranoid that I didn’t go far enough so I add in just a little more distance. This time it was a full 3/10 more than I needed to go. Oops.

The run itself was amazing. I started at about a 8:50 pace and managed to stay below 9:20 the entire time. I’m no speedster but this pace average was awesome for me considering a few weeks ago it was at 9:45. I’m nowhere near as awesome as I was pre-2013 Shamrock Marathon but I’m happy with the progress I’ve made in such a short period. I’ve only been training for the Baltimore City Marathon for two weeks so I think I’m doing well.

This is probably where I should go through my marathon training plan. I’m not the type who builds her own training plan. I pop in some key words in Google and go from there. I was able to find a 2 month program and have been working on that. It began with a 15K for a long run and the last long run before taper is a 27K.  That worked great for me since I usually dread the long runs greater than 20 miles. In fact, I’ve only ever run 20 miles outside a race once and that was on deployment. I was trying to burn off some steam and just kept going. Other than that, I’ve never gone that distance outside of races. I’m interested to see how this plan works out. It’s very much so a crash course for running but thankfully I’ve been running long before I started this plan. We’ll see how this goes.


During this training run my shoes bit the dust. The funny thing was I was pondering when I’d have to replace them. I was dreading that since it seems New Balance no longer makes them. Suddenly, pow, mine ripped. Great. Luckily I was able to find another pair on Amazon and ordered 2 just in case. The Minimus lives on!!!!

I felt great and very alive after I was done. I was also soaking wet because a thunderstorm rolled through just as I was starting mile 4. Seems Mother Nature thought I was getting too hot or stinking up the place. I really do surprise myself when I finish long runs like this. Every time I go for one I never doubt my ability to finish and I never feel the need to stop to take a breather.  I’ve come a long way. I can’t believe I’ve gone from a non-runner who was part of the 3 miles a year club (AKA I only run for my Navy fitness test), to a novice runner, to a pregnant runner, to a mother who happened to finally run a decent marathon. It never ceases to amaze me!

I will post a race review for my 5K sometime this week. I just need to get the corrected results in (I won my age group with a stroller!  Talk about dumb luck!)


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