July 4, 2014 – Race to the Creek 5K

My seventh race for my 12 month challenge took place at Patuxent High School in Lusby, MD.  Since we were likely going to be in between homes, I chose one that was closest to where we’d likely be living at.  Manuel took up a job in Baltimore so I knew the race had to be near there.  Thanks to my running best friend website Running in the USA I was able to find this gem: Race to the Creek 5K.

I decided on a smaller race this time around because of the double-hitter I took with doing the Patriot Challenge again this year.  I knew I would be burned out after 3 half marathons back to back so a nice, short race sounded amazing.  That and it was going to be the summer in the northeast.  Humidity much?

I am still driving between Norfolk and Baltimore every week so instead of driving to our rental in Baltimore, Izzy and I stayed at the PAX naval air station Navy Lodge.  It was only a one night stay and Manuel was going to meet us up at the school the next morning.  Just in case he couldn’t make it on time, Dustin offered to come watch Izzy for me so that I wouldn’t have to stroller race with her (which I love but I really wanted to try for a win this time…)

The race was a small town one and it benefited the high school’s cross-country team (always a plus!).  There were maybe 60 runners that showed up for it.  I was excited because it meant I had a shot at an age category win.  They did packet pick up the day of so I arrived around 0700 to ensure I picked it up on time.  I waited in my car for Dustin but it turned out Manuel showed up on time.  Dustin arrived shortly after and we chatted for a bit.  They (along with Izzy) ended up taking off for Sarah’s parents and left me to run on my own (I know, no moral support, lol).  Once there were ten minutes left until the start, I left my car and headed to the start.

This race was a big deal for me in one way: I ran in shorts and a sports bra.  I’ve never run without a shirt on.  However, it was hot and I really wanted to experience running with just a sports bra.  I shoved my poor body image perception back and went for it.  I was so glad I did because I felt nice and cool throughout the run!

The run was an out and back loop near the school.  I took off as soon as they said “go!"  I was determined to finish as fast as I could.  I wanted to test and see how well I could run because I haven’t tested my limits in a long time.  Well, I ran hard alright.  My first mile was at about 7:45.  I also tasted blood in my mouth which meant I was pushing hard.  The course was a bit brutal in that there were 2 large hills on it.  I pushed through all of them.  It wasn’t until I was about a half mile away from the finish that I did burn out.  I had to stop.  At that moment I was the third female on track to finish but I relinquished it to give myself a short 20 second walk break.  I was able to get my bearings back and took off again.  I finish at 25:01.  It’s not a PR for me but it was a good run.  I waited anxiously to see if I placed in the age group.

I got cold so I put on my awesome race shirt that matched my shorts!

Finally, they got to the awards.  They gave gift bags to the top 2 overall finishers then moved on to the age categories.  I ended up winning my age group!  I was technically the second in my age group to finish but I took the win because she took the overall.  I was stoked!  This is the first time I’ve ever won anything.  I happily took my prize, a pair of sunglasses, and beamed from ear to ear.  It was a great moment.

My awesome prize!

I learned an important thing today: I can be fast.  I think I might get into short distance running because I think I can become really good at it.  Granted, I’m not as fast as I was a year ago but I’ll get there soon enough.


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