2013 Crawlin’ Crab Half Marathon and 5K; Hampton, VA

This weekend I ran my last half marathon before the MCM.  I signed up for the Crawlin’ Crab Half Marathon that was put on by J&A.  I really do love J&A because their races are so much fun and their finisher gifts are always so nice. 

The expo was a lot tinier than the Shamrock expo but there were still nice (and cheap) items available there.  I almost bought a few euro charms for my Pandora bracelet but decided not to.  We gazed the vendors and left.  It took all of 10 minutes to do that which was nice because we didn’t have to spend too much time there.

Parking was awesome on race day.  We were allowed to park at the Hampton Coliseum or the Hampton Convention Center.  The race start/finish was right between the two so either was convenient.  However, since we like to take off within 30 minutes of me finishing, we parked on the convention center side since the Coliseum would be blocked until all runners were done.  Parking was free (which is always nice) and we were able to explore the mini Crab Shop they had before the race.  I headed over to my corral about 15 minutes prior to the start.

I was placed in Corral 1 since I signed up for the race prior to my injury.  However, I was pretty confident on my running ability since I’d done 2 half in the previous month and did well.  I steered clear of the fast runners and stayed near the middle of the corral.  After the National Anthem and the start of Team Hoyt we were off!

I started off way too fast.  I was about 7:30/mi when I finished my first mile.  I felt great but I knew better than to go this fast.  I edged my pace back to 8:00, a time that was a bit more realistic to me (though it was still too fast even for me).  I was able to see the lead car in the front.  That was kind of a cool sight.  I’ve never been fast enough to see the car ahead.  That was also a gut check that I was running way too fast.


Near the 3 mile mark

The run was pleasant.  The elevation was steady throughout with small bridges we crossed in the beginning and the end.  I especially loved miles 6-9 as they were along the waterfront and in front of some beautiful colonial-type homes.  I definitely forgot I was running a race for a bit during that stretch.


Around Mile 7.  Loved the scenery

I felt great throughout the run.  This was a pleasant surprise since my last few races I had either muscles fatigue to the point of lock-up or I really needed to walk for a minute.  I didn’t feel the need to walk for this race and only stopped for a quick second to take sips of water at the water stops.  I really did feel awesome.


Running the last quarter mile!


About to cross the finish!


Woo-hoo!  Done!


Quick shot after I picked up my medal…leaning to the left…hmm…


You can’t tell my shin doesn’t allow me to put weight on it when it’s angry at all…lol

I finished at 1:59:34 and finished 34th of my age group.  Not too shabby!

After I was finished we headed over to the post-race party at the convention center.  We grabbed our beers and my Kicking Corn & Crab chowder bowl there and chowed down.  Well, Manuel had my soup.  It was yummy but not what I wanted at the moment.  I had this unbelievable craving for a Coke (ha!) so I had one.  The beer was terrible so I had like 2 sips before I got rid of it.  After eating and cooling down, we headed back out to the car and went home.  A warm shower never felt so good!

My shin held up pretty well throughout the run.  I didn’t feel it flare up during the run but I knew I had to remain cautious.  2 days post race it feels okay but a bit tender.  Still no word on how it’s doing since my CT scan showed nothing.  All I know is that it hasn’t progressed to my bone cortex which is awesome because it means no surgery for me!  I have an MRI scheduled just to check the bone edema and if that comes back okay I’ll be in the clear!  Other than that I’m just slightly sore in my calves.

I was hoping MCM would be my major PR but that may not happen this year.  I’m hoping for a 4 hr finish but a finish would be great in general.  There’s always next year!