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The last one broke my heart.


2nd Annual Navy-Air Force Half Marathon and Navy 5 Miler – 2013

This past weekend I ran my second race since my fracture.  I really wasn’t feeling up to this run so I just told myself I would aim for a finish.

The packet pick up was very nice and organized.  It was at Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling.  It was a super tiny expo compared to what I’ve been to but it was extremely nice.  I ended up buying a pair of New Balance Minimus cross-trainers for only $50.  They were ones that a customer tried out for a run or two and didn’t like.  They were practically brand new so I didn’t hesitate to get them.  After we were done there, we checked into the Marriot and met a friend for dinner.

For the run I had packed a tank top and shorts.  It was really warm for the RnR so I assumed that this would be no different.  I was wrong.  It was 54 when we left for the start.  Luckily I had packed my Brookes lightweight jacket so I wore that during our walk to the start.  Once we were there I drank my pre-race drink (some form of Starbucks coffee..tall size so I wouldn’t overwhelm my bladder, lol).  Runners separated themselves since there were no corrals.  That kind of sucked but people were actually pretty good at separating themselves.  Before I knew it we were off.


During the first half of the run


After the turn-around point (half-way mark).  I was feeling great


After I crossed the finish line

There really isn’t much to comment about this race.  It was a really pleasant run and almost entirely flat.  There were two gradual inclines and they were at the first mile and right before the turnover point.  We ran the entire time along the Potomac River and through a park (I’m not sure which park as I am not too familiar with the DC area).  I really enjoyed it.

They served Gatorade at the water stations which was great after I hit the 8 mile marker.  They didn’t have GU or anything else, though, which kind of sucked since I usually need it for those last 3 miles.  Still, I was able to run the first 8-9 miles without stopping.  I really felt great during the run.  After that I stopped twice: once because my thigh started to lock up and once because my hip flexor started to lock up.  Once I stretched it, though, I didn’t have an issue picking my pace back up.  I was able to maintain about a 9 minute pace which was slow to me but pretty good consider my lack of training.  I ended up finishing 995th at 1:58:40.  It’s not a PR but it’s definitely a lot better than my RnR time.  Once we crossed the finish we received out challenge coins and water.  They didn’t have much in the sense of post-race food but I wasn’t feeling their food anyway.  They had bananas, apples, cookies, muffins, and gummy candy.  I ended up buying a pretzel on my walk back to our hotel (it had to be the most delicious tasting pretzel I’ve ever had).  Izzy ate my banana so the food didn’t go to waste, lol.



Challenge coin front and back

After I showered back out our hotel we checked out and started heading home.  We did get stopped, though, on Pennsylvannia Avenue by Secret Service Police.  Why?  Because the POTUS was on his way out.  I got to see his 9ish SUV escort, police escort, and personal fire truck/ambulance go by.  I definitely was really cool.


Super official cop car



The race was a great time and I would definitely run it again =).  Up next is the Crawlin’ Crab in Hampton in 2 weeks.  Here’s hoping for more improvement!

Virginia Beach Rock n Roll Half Marathon – September 1, 2013

It’s been ages since I’ve done a running post so I’m so glad to do one now!

Since my last race (June 2) I’ve been out of commission.  I developed a stress fracture on my medial right tibia and was told to stay off it for 8 weeks.  There’s still a lot of drama associated with that and I’ll probably go into it in a future post.  Anyway, that left me with a mere 2 weeks to train.  Yeah.  I refused to drop out of it because, well, I’m stubborn and prideful.  I know it wasn’t the smartest decision athletically but I can admit I’m idiotically stubborn like that.  I went into this race expecting the bare minimum from myself and with a goal of 2:15 for a finish.

(All photos credit of MarathonFoto)


Me at the start of the race

I was a bit worried about starting too fast so I tried to pace myself.  I was really surprised in myself when I saw I was running about a 8:15 pace mainly because it felt so slow.  Since it had been so long since I ran, I felt like maybe I was going too fast.  Still, since I felt okay, I kept on with that pace.


Thumbs up at the turnaround point (about Mile 8)

After the halfway point, I felt the fatigue in my legs.  I decided to ease up and slow down.  I took a few walking breaks between water stations (about every 1.5 miles).  Since all I wanted was a 2:15 finish, I was pleased when the halfway point came at 50 minutes.  From that point on I just took in the scenery and listened to my body.


Right before the last mile.  We were on the boardwalk and could see the finish.  Still feeling good and still giving a thumbs up =)

When I got to the boardwalk I knew the end was near.  I was so glad to be able to see the last mile marker.  I was even more happier when I saw my family.  Isabella caught a glimpse of me and recognized me, bouncing in Manuel’s arms with excitement.


The moment I saw my family and when Izzy saw and recognized me


Waving to my family =)

I absolutely love these two photos.  The photographer did an awesome job capturing such a great moment.  The excitement in my face…I’ve never seen a photo of how I look when I see my daughter.  I’ve always been told that my face just lights up.  To be able to see these photos gave me the warm and fuzzies.  I’m pretty sure I’ve never looked more genuinely happy than these photos


Thumbs up at the finish.  I did it!


Mandatory bling shot.

I crossed the line at 2:09.  I was so glad to get it under 2:15…heck 2:10 was great for me.  With just 2 weeks of running I think I did wonderful.  I felt a bit sore (naturally) afterwards but felt okay 2 days post race. 

I’m running another half in DC on the 15th.  I’m not expecting a PR with that one but I’m hoping for a better finish than this one.  I’ll have more running under my belt so hopefully it’ll turn out better.  Granted, I know for the majority this isn’t the most advisable way to go when it comes to distance running.  However, I recognize this and realize that I’m probably just lucky I can to this without real injury afterwards.

Hopefully next week will go well!