The Way To A Runner Woman’s Heart Is Through Her Running Equipment

My husband surprised me this past Friday by giving me my anniversary gift early (our anniversary is June 12).  He took me to Running Etc in historic Ghent to get me new shoes and a Garmin.  The Garmin was a total surprise.  I was only expecting to get new shoes as the shoes are expensive enough.  

While gazing at all the shoes, I was slightly disappointed to see they didn’t have the New Balances I wanted.  I wanted the 5000 as they were the perfect hybrid of track/competition shoes and trail shoes.  That and they only weighed about 3.4 oz.  I love light shoes.  However, in my search I saw they only had them for men and, unfortunately, my feet are too small to get a mens size.  The sales guy ended up helping me out by looking for lightweight performance shoes that were similar to the 5000s.  I narrowed it down to a pair of Saucony and Newtons.  After a brief jog, I decided on the Newtons.  They are build with an adaptive sole so that it promotes using a mid-strike as opposed to a heel-strike.  Best of all: it was a zero drop shoe.  This was perfect considering I’ve run in nothing but minimalist shoes and love the zero drop feel.  


Love the bright color!


Those red sole pieces are what promote zero drop.

I was happy just to have new shoes considering my Minimus shoes have taken quite a beating.  However, Manuel surprised me by asking the sales guy where their Garmins were.


I ended up getting the Garmin 210.  I wanted one that came with a heart rate monitor since my nutritionist asked that I get one.  Since I have an eating disorder, he wants me to monitor my heart rate and ensure I don’t surpass a certain threshold.  I’ve used it twice so far and let me tell you, this Garmin has changed my running life!  I find that I challenge myself more since I can see my pace in real time.  I love it to death.  I’m so glad I got it.

As you can see in the photo above, I did my long run today.  It was very nice and quiet, although this new heat is so ridiculous.  I went for the run around 7 and I came back dripping in sweat.  I can’t wait for the summer to be over because it makes running miserable.

I don’t have a race until September 1st so it’s nothing but training until then.  This fall will definitely be a heavy hitter.  I have 2 halfs in September and a half and a full marathon in October.  


Until then I’ll be training in these lovelies.  I love them a lot!


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